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Emergence of new platforms have drastically changed the way content is consumed. Consumers are increasingly reading news on apps and social media. While the source of a news story still matters and traditional media outlets remain the most trusted; the delivery platforms have changed. Hence our professionals have adapted to new platforms to reach their consumers in their living spaces, work spaces and leisure spaces.


Media solutions that engage, inspire and make you think

Print Media is a revolutionary evolution that has buried the gap of communication with the aid of tangible printed assets such as newspaper, magazines, letters etc. among various targeted groups of people so that the hierarchy of information would never gets broken down due to slacking conversation.

Print media has several sources to destine its significant role among which newspapers and magazines are the gigantic dominants for intermediating information till the date today while business-letters, brochures, bill boards, pamphlets, sign boards, post cards and advertisements play secondary role in catapulting a large audience in one go.


Media solutions that engage, inspire and make you think

We apply clutter-breaking expertise to produce commercials, ad films, and branded content for the entire chain comprising visual communication media. Our finesse lies in fusing creativity with professional talent and the very latest in visual communication technology.

Our production department handles all pre and post production processes. Ad Films are conceived and produced, based on existing marketing plans, materials and needs. Sound effects or stock audio is included.

Every corporate must present a distinguished image and persona in today’s competitive world. This is where corporate films take the center stage. In the current scenario almost all corporates utilize audio-visual profiles for business promotion, on regular basis.


Media solutions that engage, inspire and make you think

Radio advertising has numerous benefits besides being economical. Get your product advertised by airing it a multiple times in a day to reach and get noticed by all the targeted customers. Radio advertising is one of the simplest means of advertising if we compare it with other ways of promoting the product. With just simple script and convincing voice you have all that needs to reach out to the consumers throughout the day in a very small budget.

You can reach about 95 percentage of city’s population by advertising via radio during the prime time that is morning and evening when it is the drive time. With presence of FM stations, this kind of advertising is mobile as one can reach the customers be they are shopping, or are at gym, driving or are eating out.

Amazing things happen to your business when we connect those dots of utility and value.

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